“more than 130 thousand passengers per day – Railway Administration”


Fantasy meets reality.

This chart shows the actual number of passengers on high speed rail in other countries and the forecast number of passengers as predicted by the Rail Authority.

  1. Without these passengers, they have no business case.
  1. Without a valid business case, they have no overriding government corporate need.
  1. And without that, they have no basis for making any compulsory purchase because the project cannot be considered in the public interest.

Data published by Bc. Jiří Svoboda, MBA Managing Director and Ing. Martin Švehlík Director of VRT Preparation Department in this presentation 8.4.2021:

Vysokorychlostní tratě v ČR: Str. 11

The text to the right of the map says:

“Traffic model:

  • high utilization
    of the new VRT system
  • more than 130 thousand passengers per day
  • VRT = most used
    lines in the Czech Republic

This means that VRT must have high capacity, quality and reliability infrastructure”

Whereas: Actual number of passengers vs. VRT estimate